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The VIP Planner is here!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I am so excited to announce the release of 'The V.I.P Planner. Will we make the year of 2021 the time to VIZUALIZE OUR INNER POTENTIAL. The planner comes in x3 color's. Pink, Black and Patterned to suit all your fabulous needs.

A little about me and why I created this journal/planner. I have always led a very hectic, busy lifestyle. I sometimes struggled to keep track of everything going on such as school/homework/hobbies. I lost motivation and focus along the way due to lack of planning and efficient goal setting. What is it?

A journal/ Planner for young people to help them keep track of their lifestyle.

Help their mindset by providing structure and aims and motivation, teaching them how to set goals to become their best self.

Who is it for?

Young people who have a busy life. Who want to set and achieve their goals and improve their motivation and mindset. To give them a clear structure of where they are and where they want to go.

Why am I creating it?

1. We are in a time where young people are so busy but constantly getting side tracked by devices and social media. By having a physical planner/journal it will separate you from that world where you can concentrate and focus on you and your future and also take social media detoxes with our specially designed pages.

2. Mental health is a very important and fragile element. By providing them with a product that will keep them engaged and motivated and productive.

Keeping track of their long term and short term goals and even down to their day to day to do lists, it provides people with a sense of productivity, satisfaction and achievement.

3. Its very easy to get caught up in a busy lifestyle. As having a very busy lifestyle myself, I long for a product where I can keep track of my hour to hour and day to day schedule. It provides me eith clarity and peace of mind.

4. The reflection element of the diary is something I wish I had growing up. For example, with my weekend competitions, it would effect my week if had received a bad result.

By providing a week/weekend (event) reflection area, it teaches young people about self awareness. Learning from experiences and actions. How they can improve and be better.

5.What does it do for people?

Provides people with a portable planner/journal to keep track of your busy schedule. Helps you plan and aim for your goals. Keep on track of your to do lists.

Gives you fitness/nutrition tips, Motivational quotes. Week and weekend reflection.

All of the above I believe provides mental clarity for a young person, providing purpose and action and self belief in everyday life.

I really hope you enjoy this creation and I hope it brings you happiness. All my love, Zoe x

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Norah Mazzola
Norah Mazzola
Mar 03, 2023

Just ordered one! Super excited for it to arrive!

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